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Product animaties and renders

BOOMBRUSH | juni 2019 - december 2019


Gorgeous toothbrush, gorgeous product animation

BOOMBRUSH makes oral hygiene easy by offering an subscription ensuring you always brush with a fresh brush head. Therefore their slogan; The perfect smile subscription. BOOMBRUSH reduces plastic waste by collecting used brush heads and recycling them. We were called in to to visualise their products and produce marketing materials. The animation below shows one of the results.


Product videos and visualisations

By making multiple convincing animations we were able to convey the advantages of this sonic toothbrush. Combined with the product renders make we were able to help create a beautiful website.

Beside this beautiful animation we made a large number of product renders. Would you like to see our efforts in action? or are you interested in a new electric toothbrush? Both can be found on

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